Trust, experience and communication. These are the three most important words in a positive homebuilding experience. These three words are the cornerstones of Chris Spencer Homes, Inc.

Trust comes from keeping your promises and living up to your commitments. At Chris Spencer Homes if we say it we do it. That is why I can live in a neighborhood where I built over 90 homes and on a street where I built 8 homes including my next door neighbors.  At Chris Spencer Homes, our main goal is to develop your trust that your home is built right with quality materials and delivered on time.

I have been in the construction business since graduating from Georgia Tech with a Civil Engineering degree over 15 years ago. Since that time I have built over 150 homes. I am also CABO and ICC certified.

Communication is a major component in a positive homebuilding experience. Open lines of communication between homeowner and builder are extremely important at Chris Spencer Homes. Your phone calls and emails will always be returned and your concerns always addressed. Meeting expectations can only occur if the expectations are understood. Listening to our homeowners is one of the most important jobs we have.

Building a new home is an exciting experience. As a homeowner you are placing your trust in Chris Spencer Homes and we take that trust very seriously. We will make sure your home is built with quality materials and professional labor. Your home will be delivered on time. That is what we do every day at Chris Spencer Homes.

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