At Chris Spencer Homes, Inc. we have homes ready to move into as well as lots available for pre sale opportunities. I have designed a series of meetings and procedures that make the building experience understandable. By following these procedures the building process will be smooth and enjoyable for everyone.


The building process starts with your lot selection in one of our communities. Then we select a plan that meets your individual needs and takes advantage of the unique features of your lot. A plan can be selected from the Chris Spencer Homes portfolio or you can bring your own. We can also design a custom plan for you. There is a $3,500 plan design fee for custom homes that is credited towards the price of the home at contract signing. Chris Spencer Homes will provide you with a price and a detailed spec sheet so everyone understands what the price includes. A 10% non-refundable deposit is required for a pre sale contract. You will also be given a site plan that shows how your home will be situated on your lot, the height of the front door relative to the street and the grade of the driveway. We will then walk your lot to determine which trees to remove. After that there are a series of meetings that occur during the building process.


Everything that goes into your house will be selected at this meeting. Appointments will be scheduled for you to review appliance and cabinet selections should you desire to do so.


Change orders will be written for anything that gets changed from your original design sheet. This even includes items that you are not charged for. As a home owner if you are interested in making a change please call our office (770-720-9592) and request it. The change will be reviewed and sent back to you with a price and an acceptance date. If the change order is not signed and paid for by the date on the change order it will be assumed you do not want to accept the change order.


At this meeting we will review your plumbing, HVAC and electrical locations. We will also review phone and cable locations as well as any low voltage needs you may have. At this time we will finalize your cabinet selections so they can be ordered. Before all meetings an agenda will be sent to you so you understand what we are trying to accomplish at each meeting and to give you time to gather any questions you may have.


We will schedule lighting, landscape and granite selection meeetings for you at the appropriate stage during the construction process. If there are any additional trades people you would like to meet with please call our office and we will schedule the meetings for you.


The day of closing you will be given a home orientation to demonstrate how all the features in your home operate. We will take you through each room and show you that your home is complete and ready to move into. We will also review your home inspectors list at this time.


At closing we will schedule an appointment with you for your two week service visit. The purpose of this visit is to repair any cosmetic items that your mover may have made or that we may have missed.

Step 8:  FOLLOW-UP

Every Chris Spencer Home comes with a 1 year warranty. Some one from Chris Spencer Homes will visit you a few days after you move in to make sure every thing is going well. If you have any concerns throughout the first year please let us know by leaving a message at the office. Your concerns will be addressed as they come up. After 11 months Chris Spencer Homes will do a courtesy maintenance visit. At this time we will take care of any interior cosmetic issues due to drying out. This involves repairing sheet rock nail pops, re-caulking trim work and re-grouting tile.


If you have any questions or concerns about your home after one year please call our office. We will always discuss any concerns with you. All concerns after one year will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Purchasing completed homes or homes under construction

Once a contract is signed you will be given a completed selection sheet for your particular house. A 5% non refundable deposit is required. Depending on how far along the house is at the time of purchase you may have the opportunity to make selections or changes. The process is the same as with presale opportunities.

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